A Week Before Delivery

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You will have this feeling as the most expensive feeling than everything else in this world. What is that feeling, I am saying about 🤔!

Yes, this feeling is all about last week of your mother have delivery. This week mother has severe pain ,it’s called Labor Pain. If you want to realize what pain is that , you just imagine – “A 16 wheeler truck is just crushed on your leg more than 100 times”, are you able to imagine ? then you can realize what I mean then. There is no wrong in saying only a mother can feel this pain but no one can be in this world. Now let’s talk about the other part of her feeling she has in this same week – She is going to be a mother soon. The week still moves with same pain , being uncomfortable, having less sleep, compromise her food due to indigestion and loosing her beauty too. Since from many weeks carrying such weight “Baby is inside – increases gradually” which requires a mindset, am i wrong here ?(You can answer me in comment section).

By keeping all of these in my mind , i am going to narrate here those experiences or the feelings which only a mother or a baby can have during these period >> “Baby speaks to Mother“,

Baby – Mama, good morning. I woke up, did you finish your breakfast ? i am getting hungry😒.

Mama – Good morning my baby.Ouu you feel hungry ! wait , i am preparing food for your dad, he is about to leave for office .

Baby – Understood mama, but i could not control my hungry because i don’t understand how to do it ! you know, i am still a baby mama.

Mama – Ok, if you be like this how will your mama can manage ? i have to prepare food then only i can eat. Before i do so, i have to clean my stuffs, arrange the things , also i have to login for my work. “I could have applied ML from this week itself, its my bed”. My baby , allow me some more time please ?

Baby – Sure mama i would love to do that but sorry i cannot. I know , you are angry on me mama ! i am helpless😟. If you keep delaying then it will create bubbles in your stomach which will hurt you for sure. Mama this is bitter truth made by god, if mama delays for food then baby have to hurt her. Sorry mama, i would have not hurt you if this biological system permits me.

Mama – No no my baby, i understand that. You are not hurting me in fact i am hurting you by delaying food. I will eat now and you are my priority, i will request your papa to have food in office.

Baby – No no mama, you please continue, i don’t want to hurt my papa. Even i cannot hurt both my mama and papa. I will try my best to manage till you have food.

Mama – Oh , how sweet 💕? you became such carrying from now itself. I am taking my 1st bite, tell me how is it ?

Baby – Love you mama. Yes it’s yummy mama. Wait wait, you ate spice (Red chili) in your 2nd bite right ?

Mama – Yes my baby. That is the why it is yummy right ? Huhh…

Baby – But mama if you eat more spice then i will be sick and again it will hurt you. I am helpless.

Mama – No baba, i am careful for you. If i am not having spicy then how would you sense the taste? you should learn with me. Anyways if your mama want to eat more spice and it is effective then your nani[Aie in odia] (my mama) will scold me. How can i hurt you ? you eat inside and enjoy but don’t start playing now , your mama will vomit.

Baby – Ok mama , i will learn the taste. But mama i want to play and move around because my stomach is full now.

Mama – No baby, please sleep. your mama could not sleep last night well because you were playing which is causing me uncomfortable.

Baby – Mama , how it is hurting you ? It was not hurting before right mama. I think you are scaring me so that i will not play.

Mama – Yes it was not hurting before because you were too small in those weeks before. Now you are grown up and about to come out from inside.

Baby – Oh , i understood. But mama if i don’t play and move around then i will not be able to digest food, then it will again hurt you. Please mama allow me to play.

Mama – Hmm, you became too smart also. Ok, do whatever want. I will manage if it hurts because you are happy🤗.

Baby – Thank you mama. No mama i am not hurting you. Infect if food get digest faster then it will give you relief faster.

Mama – oww ! you are buttering me. Ok you play, i will manage to sleep.

Baby – Mama i wanted to ask something , you said i am about to come out of here. You mean to where i will go ?

Mama – You will come to me. Once you come to me, you will meet your papa , Nana, nani, Bada papa, Bada mama, uncle ,aunty , baba, maa , with everyone . The complete family.

Baby – Is it mama? I am excited now. What else mama, please tell me.

Mama – After that soon we will be living together. You will be like small baby with a weight of 5kg and you will be slowing growing. Once you come here , you will get tasty foods, dresses, toys, chocolates, gifts and many more.

Baby – Oh my god, i am so lucky and much excited too. When i will be out of here mama ?

Mama – Stop Stop, don’t be such excited , i am feeling hurt here. You pray to god for your safety and your mama safety. Doctor mam will tell us when you will be here. You please call her doctor aunty.

Baby – Mama, is it hurting you ? sorry mama, i will take care. Even i usually pray to god to move me out of here. You know mama ,i always scared here so i will be somewhere at the corner inside you. As i am growing it is giving me much uncomfortable here. I told to god please save me from here , once you save me i will keeping chanting your names always. Also i prayed for you too mama. You should be ok mama else who will teach me the things and who will introduce me to the family.

You know mama, i have learnt something for you and also god taught me something what will happen on my 1st day ?

Mama – Oww, what is that my baby ?

Baby – I learnt “Maa”. The moment you will see me out of this ocean i will be crying and you will be happy for that. Isn’t mama?

Mama – I am emotional my baby. Yes your mama will be happy only on that day with your first crying and then after i will be always wishing your smile face for ever.

Baby – But mama, how do you expect me ? me as a baby boy or baby girl ?

Mama – Hmm, no my baby, i am fine for both baby boy and baby girl perhaps baby should be fine.

Baby – Thank you mama, i will surprise you on the day.

Mama – Ha ha, god bless you my baby. Come soon , my warm is waiting to hug you.

Baby – Mama, can i ask you one more thing ? God told me my mother will be having much pain during my birth , how can you control this pain?

Mama – My baby , for every mother this pain is true and god will be always there with us. So don’t worry , you sleep now. Hmm i have also asked to your doctor aunty about your delivery day and she said it’s on 6th June 2023.

Baby – Hmm that nice. Good night mama.

Mama – Baby , seems like you are upset and something is in your mind.

Baby – I am happy too mama but i am sad also. You will be having tough time on this day because of me. How can i be such heartless to give you such pain? I wish i could reduce your pain.

Mama – My baby, don’t worry, god will be with us,he knows what to be done there.

Baby – Ok mama. I just heard a voice “Jai Shree Ram”. What is this voice mama, who is Jai Shree Ram ?

oMama – It’s your papa, who is talking to you by conveying “jai Shree Ram. Ram is god, he only helps all the time.

Baby – Oh , Is my papa ! seems like he is more happy now. Also say jai shree ram from my side too.

Mama – Yes my baby, papa loves you more. He has lot of plans for you. He is thinking which toys to buy for you🤣 .

Baby – Oh my papa, i am glad to have you. Can i speak to my papa once , mama ?

Mama – Ok. Let me call to your papa near me. Yes , he is here now. You can speak now.

Baby – Mama , i don’t know how to speak , will you please help in speaking to papa ?

Mama – Ok my baby , i will keep your papa’s hand on my stomach or near to you. You please give him hi-fi.

Baby – Ok mama, i just did it.

Mama – Oh great, you papa is much happy 😂 after your hi-fi. Now go to sleep, its 2 more days to go.

Baby – Ok mama. But i am much excited now to go out.

Mama – Oh i am getting pain, help me , help me !

Baby – I am trying to find my way to go out mama, please keep your hands on me. I am scared what if i get falled.

Mama – No no , don’t worry ,we are here. Please keep finding yourself too.

Baby – i am trying my best mama, you also push me.

Mama – No my baby, i cannot push now. Now i am going to doctor mam for final check up.

Mama – Oh yes, i am going to admit today evening,you will be with us from tomorrow morning. But baby you need to control your hungry as your mama have some limitations in food tonight. Will you do it my baby ?

Baby – Mama , i am scared and feeling so hard here. As i am already grown i don’t have sufficient space to be here. Also i have to control my food today ?🤔

Mama – Yes baba, you need to fight today. Your mama is with you and god is with us. Keep chanting jai shree ram.

Baby – Sure mama, let me sleep now. We will meet tomorrow morning.

Mama – Sure my baby, you will be on my lap soon. Good Night.

Here i am ending this story as mother is admitted in hospital and getting prepared for tomorrow. Its her big day and for us too. We team would like to thank you and appreciate your patience to read this story fully. Please write your feeling in below comment section.

” Mythology says baby always listen to mother during pregnancy. Mother role is much important during these period and also its our responsible to create a positive environment for her. During pregnancy mother must need to worship god and wish for a healthy baby with good faith, responsible , follow dharma and born for a good cause”.

Mother is a definition which cannot be defined.

Mother gives birth to a next generation.


  1. Rafiqul Hasan Avatar
    Rafiqul Hasan

    It’s already been proven ” Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother”.
    More power to you.

  2. Rohan Avatar

    Being father, putting mother’s context is quite impossible. DSS did it straight out of his heart. Wonderful blog!

  3. Kreet Avatar

    Thats a great conversion between both mother and baby.

  4. Saurav Avatar

    Good going DSS.. well thought concept and nicely presented. Good luck to both of you for new phase of life.. the parenthood!!

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4 replies on “A Week Before Delivery”

  • Rafiqul Hasan July 31 at 2:34 pm

    It’s already been proven ” Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother”.
    More power to you.

  • Rohan July 31 at 2:46 pm

    Being father, putting mother’s context is quite impossible. DSS did it straight out of his heart. Wonderful blog!

  • Kreet July 31 at 2:47 pm

    Thats a great conversion between both mother and baby.

  • Saurav July 31 at 3:58 pm

    Good going DSS.. well thought concept and nicely presented. Good luck to both of you for new phase of life.. the parenthood!!

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